Wednesday, February 8, 2017

So it is 2017 and I am 50 years old!!  Holy shit when did that happen!!  Well it actually happened a month or so ago, on December 29th, 2016.  I was well aware it was coming and have been planning for it for quite some time.  Unlike most "regular" people I was looking forward to it!  Runners are not normal people!  Anyway, I have been fortunate to stay in good health and have stayed injury free for many years while not regressing at this advanced age, so entering a new age group was actually a very exciting proposition for me.  Plus, I have always known that when DJ goes off to Stanford University in the fall, the constraints on when and where I race would not be governed by his race schedule any longer and I would have some opportunities to race more.

So with the impending "Empty Nest" on the horizon, I stated wondering what I could do to make my own running more exciting.  I decided that I wanted to race on a team that participated in the USATF Grand Prix series.  This was a big decision for me, as I knew I would not be able to do this with my current club the Tuesday Night Turtles.  I had never raced in anything other than a TNT singlet for the past 14 years and was the President for a 7 year stretch as well.  I did not want to look like I was abandoning them, but I also knew that if I wanted to compete as a member of a team in the Grand Prix series I would have to do it for another team.  Once I was comfortable with that decision, it was time to actually find that team.  Back in the Fall, I started nonchalantly poking around with different friends in the running community and on different teams.  I also had many a discussion with my training partner Bob Jackman on runs and with him and Scott Mason on Tuesday nights at the bar after our Tuesday group runs.  I respect both their opinions greatly and they both said point blank "CMS is the place for you!!".  I knew a few of the CMS guys from the local racing circuit and from the snowshoe circuit and I always got along well with them.  I knew they were very competitive and had a great group of guys, so I decided to see if they needed another 50 year old in the fold.  That was when I talk to my friend Martin Tighe.  Martin is a CMS guy who was a Turtle as well.  Martin basically did exactly what I was looking to do when he turned 50 a few years back.  After talking with Martin, I was sure that CMS was the place for me and started to put the plan in motion.  After a few email with Dave Dunham and Jim Pawlicki, I was on the team!

I started this new chapter of my running life by running in the BU Mini Meet on New Years Eve in a CMS singlet.  I ran the mile that day and broke 5 min (4:59) so it was a good start to my CMS career by breaking 5 at 50!!  I also ran in the USATF Masters Indoor Championship on 1/29 in my CMS singlet.  More details on that to follow in the next blog update.  Thanks for reading!!